A L L E S   G E H T   I N   D I E   H O S E !

E X P E R I M E N T   # 2 

The street musicians embody one of the subcultures in our society. Struggling with hard living conditions they hold their smile and earn their living entertaining people on the streets. For some of these characters, both funny and sad, the street becomes their home. The German idiom »Alles geht in die Hose« (Engl.»Everything goes into trousers«) describes the life of a jinx. The title of the collection was interpreted literally; it is a humorous take on the silhouette, for these trousers are characterized by their extremely high or exaggeratedly wide waistbands. The street musicians’ posture also influenced the design. By means of 3-D pattern-making, a hump has become a collar, and stretched-out knees are emphasized by seaming. The street feeling, individuality and authenticity conveyed by Denim links to the idea of being a street musician is a way of life.

Fotos: Mados Infekcija 2013
Produktfotos: Caspar David Engstfeld